Why You Should Select Used Cars Over New Cars

There are a myriad of reasons to choose used cars over new cars when it comes time to replace your current car. Opting for a used car eliminates the car losing significant value as soon as you drive off the lot, the options are endless and your insurance rates and fees can be substantially lower.


A major reason to choose a used car is because of deprecation. As soon as you drive your brand-new car off the lot, the value plummets significantly. The only way to avoid this massive decline in value is to choose a used car. Unfortunately, cars are horrible investments and it can be hard or impossible to get back everything you paid for your car.

Endless Options

The options are endless when it comes to used cars. No matter what type or style of car you are seeking, you are bound to find a used car to suit your needs. If you have a dream car that you cannot afford to purchase new, the chances are high you will be able to find a reasonable price for a used version. Additionally, if your dream car is no longer made, you can still purchase it used!

Lower Insurance Rates

On top of all the other benefits, the insurance costs are far lower with used cars then new cars. Insurance companies’ base rates off your cars value and having a new car can leave you paying outrageously high rates. Even if you do not visually notice a difference between a one year-old car and a brand new one, your insurance company definitely will.

Used cars can be far more cost effective and less of a risk to purchase. Cars should not be thought of as investments because new cars lose almost half of their value as soon as you drive them off the lot. With all the options and styles to choose from, you are bound to find the right used car for you.

The Benefits of Using a Dealer to Shop for Used Cars

When you’re shopping for used cars, approaching a dealership about deals and values is potentially something you’ve been told to avoid. However, there are many distinct benefits which our business can offer you during your search for the perfect car. Dealerships provide customers with a safe, quality experience throughout the entire process, and makes shopping convenient for everyone involved.


The first thing we offer our customers is convenience. Our large selection of used cars assembled at our lot offer you the opportunity to view your many options at once, so you never need to waste time or resources driving back and forth. This increases your chance of finding your ideal car sooner, so you can get on with your busy schedule. Furthermore, we handle the paperwork involved with financing and title transfers to ensure you’re able to enjoy your new ride sooner than ever before.

Payment Options

When you buy from a private seller, you often have to pay for the purchase up front, severely limiting your options when it comes to finding your used car. At our dealership, we can work out payment options and offer financing to ensure that your finances align with your new purchase, and that the payments fit your needs over the years to come.

Quality Cars

We inspect our used cars before selling them to customers, and make the necessary repairs to ensure you’ll be experiencing a smooth ride when you drive off of the lot. Furthermore, many of our cars are covered by warranties, meaning that in the event you do experience a problem, we’ll fix your car, saving you time and cash.

Using a dealership to shop for used cars certainly has its benefits. Consider these before entering into your search for your next used vehicle to ensure you’re getting the best quality and service possible and that you’re receiving a satisfying ride that will really last.